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Morning friends, a rare public post today (I don't use my LJ that often anymore as I find facebook a more interaction medium). Are you guys still here? LJ is so quiet these days.

For those who perhaps don't know and wonder why I'm so quiet, here are links so that you can see what I'm up to at present...

Firstly, my facebook page. This is where I share new images, links to interesting things, notice of etsy sales, and random thoughts and opinions:


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Secondly, I am working on a very exciting project at the moment, the creation of a real-life Pop-up Boutique! To help make it happen, I am selling things on etsy and running a crowdfunding project (which is essentially, a lot like running a time-limited sale of unique and special-edition items, some of which I have never offered before). Please do check it out, consider becoming a "Sponsumer", and share it with anyone you think may be interested. We're currently at 20% of the target with only 12 days to go!

You can read more about the project in the updates on the Sponsume page or on my facebook where I cross-post them. Thanks for reading!
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It's a cliche, but...

...the only person I'm in competition with is myself. And today I'm losing!

A little bit under the weather, sore throat, etc. I don't like being tired and/or unwell, I feel like it holds me back from producing pretty things! I'm a slow worker anyway, so it's irksome to be slowed down further. Still, today has been all about hand-embroidery and emails, which can thankfully be done on a sofa in a nightie. Yeah, it's a glamourous life.

Aside from being mildly rundown, I'm feeling kind of excited at the moment. Being in a new city, of course, but also the time of year. I love autumn. I love the air changing, the sun lowering, the colours, everything. I love that people start wearing more sparkly, richly coloured clothes for their nights out! I love getting paler and having a reason to wear my long coat and leather gloves in purples and oranges. Throw some exciting projects into the mix, and this September has become a month full of promise. There's Halloween, Bonfire night (fireworks!), my birthday and then Christmas with my mama and brother to look forward to.

Did I mention that I love this time of year?
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A little update

Hello all,

Well, we've been in Birmingham for a couple of weeks now and I love it so far! We aren't properly unpacked, we need more furniture, we don't have internet, and I haven't been out promoting Sparklewren in the city yet, but I am very happy to be here :-)

Yesterday, I made some good progress with the Hope2Haiti charity cincher, which I will be continuing this afternoon. I'm at the embroidery stage, which is lovely and relaxing. As I like to draw little birds and such in pencil (as you may already know), settling on how to embroider is quite tricky in a way... my natural inclination is to embroider as I draw, but I'm working in a light silk floss on a muted gold silk, so it is kind of the reverse of working with a dark pencil on a white sheet of paper. Ie: you are creating highlights rather than shadows (which I used to do with Karisma colouring pencils many years ago, but I'm out of practice). But even so, I'm having a great time working on it. Infuriatingly, my limited internet access means that I can't upload/download/stream, so I don't think I can share an in-progress snapshot right now. I'll maybe try to sort it out later though.

I also have some metallic leather corded pieces to be getting on with, and my friend V's latest corset (a "petrol" green satin with gold silk casings and gold lace), though for right now my focus is this delicious embroidery. I love using just one colour, though I know that once Cathy Hay starts her embroidered corset for beneath the peacock dress I'll be jealously wanting to learn proper silk shading! *And* goldwork. I've dabbled in both, but some proper tuition or tutorials would be helpful. I'm so jealous of my colleagues who all seem to be attending amazing embroidery classes at the moment!

In other news, I today went swimming (happiness), have seen two of my wonderful friends who are local to Brum recently (one of whom was gifted my wren corset whilst she was here, as she tried it on and it fit her brilliantly), am surrounded by a fair share of gorgeous decaying old jewellery workshops (there are some beautiful buildings here), and am generally enjoying the convenience and excitement of living in a proper city again. There's still so much to do though, not least of which is figure out where the good fabric shops and haberdashers are!
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Beauty can be so overwhelming

This week, I wish to be a hermit!

We all had such a wonderful time over the weekend, starting off with my workshop on Friday and then the FR trip on Saturday. Alison (CrikeyAphrodite) and I even visited Chatsworth on the way home on Sunday (I couldn't wait Cathy, I had to see it!), so it was a weekend crammed full of beautiful things.

I am now, however, kind of exhausted. We were late arriving on the Saturday (entirely my fault for thinking I knew something about the A1 road when I clearly didn't) which meant that I didn't get to properly talk to some people that I had really been looking forward to meeting. But such is life. Next time, we will all have to arrange the social side of things properly :-D

So, a couple of highlights:
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Self-inflicted afternoon at the computer - FR topics?

Having foolishly slipped over in the kitchen earlier today, I am now having an afternoon of computer work as moving about is being quite painful :-(

So having had an emergency cup of tea and stretched my lower back, I am now working on some information for my Friday workshop, continuing an FR article, and brainstorming future article ideas. Do any of my fellow corsetmaking enthusiasts have any requests?
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Shiny things and other stuff

Today has turned out better than expected.

I got my new passport (hurrah, I can now leave the country! Feel free to buy me some tickets to Paris anyone...), a client-provided metallic leather arrived (we're making some designs based on my luxe copper midbust, so shiny...), and I daydreamed about this beautiful dusky rose pink silk duchess satin I have. I'm so desperate to use it to make something inspired by my cranberry and lace overbust. Relaxed in Durham whilst waiting for my passport and began reading an historical fiction that claims to be akin to "Jamaica Inn" (we shall see). Plus, this morning began writing up a blog post about the patterning of my charity cincher.

The only thing I failed at was shopping. I hoped to find a knee length leather skirt (either pencil or tulip) in a muted colour such as grey, blue or taupe... something to go with my blue/gold damask midbust. But nope, nothing. Nothing online and nothing in the shops (though Durham hasn't much variety to be fair). I did consider popping up to Le Prevo in Newcastle for some nappa, but if I'm being realistic I haven't the time to make myself anything anyway. I need to use this week to prepare for my workshop! So instead I'm dyeing a floaty skirt from mid-pink to a purple shade (if it works properly). 'Twas on sale, but it's a pretty nasty shade of pink and is polyester lined, so I don't have high hopes :-S

And thus ends the riveting and not very corset-heavy update!
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Corset dresses, lazy Sundays, and the charity cincher

Yesterday was excellent fun. We had a going-away party on account of our impending move to Birmingham (which was hysterical, such a brilliant bunch of our friends were there), and earlier in the day Breezer and I photographed her new corset dress. She's got this icy new haircut which we contrasted with dark eyes and black nails, and I love the overall effect.

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Delicate lace for a delicate lady

Beautiful British burlesque artist Chrys Columbine (yes, that's a lot of alliteration) was one of the models who took part in my February portfolio shoot. Being so pale, delicate and ethereal in her performance, I hoped to make designs for her to model that were equally delicate and light. You've already seen the pink champagne corset body, so today is a more traditional underbust corset with collar to match.

This corset and collar set of pale "buttercream" silk and black antique lace compliment her style and colouring perfectly.

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